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224 W. Columbus St. Kenton, Ohio 43326

Below you will find links to photo albums of the LAN Parties and LAN Tournaments we have held over the years at Cosmic Computing and Graphics, and when we operated as Kenton Technical Services. Just click on the graphics or the title to take you to the photo album of your choice. Enjoy!



CC/BaS Get Together 2004

This is the one that started it all. It was spur of the moment, and was a total blast! It was held at the Kenton Technical Services building.



Summer Camp

CC/BaS LAN Party 2005

The first year it was themed and organized. Also held at the Kenton Technical Services Building



Slaughter By The Water

CC/BaS LAN Party 2006

First year it was held at the Rogers Farm in a building we refurbed and networked.



Hacker's HoeDown

CC/BaS LAN Party 2007

Second and final year out at the Rogers farm.





The Big Brawl At City Hall

CC/BaS LAN Party 2008

Held at the old city hall in Kenton, the new offices of Cosmic Computing. (formerly Kenton Technical Services) Sadly, also the last one with Crazy Campground.


LOS/BaS LAN Party 2011

After a two year hiatus, the yearly gaming get together was back with LOS; a group of former CCers and players from other servers that formed The Leftovers and started up their own MOH: AA server after the CC server went dark.


D-Day In The Dungeon

LOS/BaS LAN Party 2012

Pics from this year's LOS/BaS LAN Party, held again at Cosmic Computing July 27-29. It was 3 days of non-stop gaming, gabbing and eating! We all decided that 3 days aren't enough!



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