CC/BaS 2015 Annual LAN Party

6:00 PM Thursday, September 3, 2015 -to- Whenever Monday, September 7, 2015

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Spots 60
Used 14
Remaining 46
Waiting List 0

Registration List
Waiting List

Where: Cosmic Computing
How Many People: 60
Ages: All Ages
How Much: $50.00
What to bring: Computer
Network Cable
Captain Morgan
Headset and Mic
Captain Morgan
A Happy Face
Computer related items to sell or trade
What not to bring: Speakers
Bad Attitude
Hacks that don't work
Hacks that work, but you won't cough up
Any Hack you got off of Crazyman
Network: 10/100 Switched
Tournament: Detailed Tournament Information
Tournament1 - MOH:AA Team Freeze Tag, Double Elimination, Team Based
Tournament2 - Call Of Duty, Double Elimination, Team Based
Tournament3 - MOH:AA, Double Elimination, Team Based
Tournament4 - COD4 Modern Warfare, Double Elimination, Team Based
Tournament5 - Quake ll, Single Elimination, Individual

224 W. Columbus St.
Kenton, Ohio  43326

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If you would like to prepay for the CC/BaS 2015 Annual LAN party, follow the link or information below.

If you need to cancel your registration please email;; and let the LAN party staff know.